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V for Vampire; hypocrisy; your political ideals

There are multiple things that I have to say regarding V for Vendetta. Rather than make multiple posts, I will combine them into one post.

1. V is a vampire. The movie might as well be called 'V for Vampire'. What is a vampire, a true vampire? A true vampire is a being that is not quite human, has unusual powers, has an affinity for beauty, hides in the shadows, and discretely kills people. V has mutant powers (super strength, super reflexes, great intelligence, and disease immunity; there is also some similarity here with the X-men), has an affinity for beauty, hides in the shadows, and discretely kills people. And his name is 'V'. He is a vampire if there ever was one.

2. The movie 'V for Vendetta' is hypocritical. On one hand, it is about a fascist regime. On the other hand, these same fascists are anti-muslim. At one point the koran was said to have 'beautiful writing'. That so-called 'beautiful writing' supports evils that make the norsefire party look tame by comparison. A truly evil regime would more likely support islam.

3. Guy Fawkes (who was captured on the 5th of November) was not a freedom fighter. He and his co-conspirators were catholic partisans that were trying to destroy the protestant government so as to install a catholic government. They were similar to the sunnis and shi'ites that kill eachother in Iraq.

4. I admire V's elegant prose, fashion sense, anonymity, fighting skills, strategic mind, choice of victims (fascists), and the fact that he is not a pacifist. The only problem though is that V's mask is kind of annoying. I have certain beliefs and political ideals, and I wonder what the beliefs and political ideals of the other V fans are.

I am an atheist materialist, a mostly-genetic determinist, a polyamorist, support abortion rights, support suicide/euthanasia rights, oppose censorship of nudity/sex/violence, support the war against Al-Qaida and other jihadists in Iraq and Afghanistan/Pakistan, support youth rights, support animal welfare, oppose socialist programs and nanny-state policies, and oppose people that take vastly more wealth than they create (like CEOs and professional sports players).

What are your beliefs and ideals? Any in common with my own?
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