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I almost forgot!

It's November the fifth! I'm going to make my roommate watch the movie shortly, how are you all celebrating?
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we watched the movie in our humanities club. I made cupcakes with little red v's on them. :)
One of the fraternities is going to watch it here as part of recruitment and I'm supplying the movie!
I'm going to watch the movie again tonight :D

Happy 5th of November, everyone~ ♥
I wondered what happened to you guys! :D I wore my V shirt and explained to a few people and bonded with a few others. It was glorious.

Of course, I did make the mistake of saying during my explanation of who Guy Fawkes was that he _did_ blow up Parliament. LOL If only, eh?

Anyway - I'd watch the movie right now but in fact I've been listening to the audiobook of Steve Moore (relation of Alan's I assume??)'s novelization of the movie since the 1st and am nearly done... It's quite good and makes the car rides so much more inspiring.

We should plan something we can do collectively next year... We'll probably need to do something anyway by then thanks to this goofy election coming up. Groan. Then again the election is the 4th, yes? Hmmm - thoughts?
since it's illegal to use firworks where I live, my friends and I went to the local british pub, it was very good :) yay birthdays!